matt leinart is one trade away from being cool

It's just a pity that Matt Leinart plays for the Arizona Cardinals. Really, it's a shame. It's also too bad he played for the USC Trojans before that, because honestly, I kind of like the guy.

This helps : [from the excellent kenneth in the (212)]

[Leinart reveals] a sensitive, gay-friendly side that you don't often equate with macho jocks, something he'd bring to the table if he were in charge of the mag: "My favorite article recently was the John Amaechi piece. That was excellent. I appreciate and respect people who are open. That's hard, especially being an athlete. Why aren't there more in-depth articles written by athletes." Kudos to Matt for speaking up. It may seem like a small thing, but it goes a long way.

Damn, that's pretty cool. You should pick up a copy of the ESPN The Mag this is going to appear in. Now, if he could just get traded to an AFC team and stop hanging out with Hiltons...

UPdate: Cover shot.