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Beyonce Knowles really annoys me. She's like the Yankees post-Gonzo [although, I guess, she wins things.]

Intensely overrated as a singer, not a particularly gifted dancer, and prone to straightening her naturally beautiful hair, she's certainly pretty...but that's her only high-percentile value as an entertainer. It's egregious because she dominates the female R&B genre, so that's why I'm going to pick on her in passing in the '> Beyonce' series. Enough about that strumpet gadfly.

Joss Stone, on the other hand, is a real talent a still-unpolished beauty with all the range and timbre of Yons but twice the oomph. Arethesque, if you will. She dropped a deuce with her second album after a fantastic debut that you should absolutely own - The Soul Sessions, recorded when she was just sixteen. The next album isn't worth copping [neither is Dangerously In Love] but I have high hopes for Introducing Joss Stone, her new joint.


Despite breaking in young and shilling for Gap at one point [fellow comfort tee lovah Common guests on her warm new single], Stone has always come across a little brash, an old soul trapped in a British white girl body [that ain't bad its own self]. Think Dusty Springfield with Patti Smith for an older sister. Apparently, the album's bricking across the pond, but she doesn't seem to care too much, which I like in a singer. Two more good signs she just don't give a fuck are her hair [check above] and her delivery [check below].

Joss apparently was bopping Beau Dozier, a descendant of Motown powerhouse writing team Holland-Dozier-Holland, when she was 17 and he 25. Ew, but that should also bode well for her songwriting skills, which showed blips of brilliance on that 2nd album. Working with Raphael Saadiq and a maybe-not-nuts Lauryn Hill shouldn't hurt either. I'm looking forward to picking up Introducing... soon. I'd rather buy it new than pick up B'Day out of a bargain bin.

[Joss doing 'Dirty Man' off Sessions in NYC]

[Crazy fan site] 

Pictured below: the bananas Japanese cover for her album.