video mashup: death bye glory

Okay, I know this blog has headed toward vlogging lately, and I'll certainly try to reverse that trend in the near future.

Video mashups are something that happened upon me and a friend of mine during a late-night study session at the library. It's a relatively simple idea - take a music video that's already entertaining on mute and play a good but completely out-of-genre song while it plays.

A short tutorial in Windows Movie Maker later [why does everyone insist on using the blue screen and the basic white lettering?] I created a bunch of these. They're great fun, and with a whole iTunes library to sort through, as simple as finding the length of the video, trimming if necessary, and then looking up tracks by duration.

This is one of the best: The Clash's 'Death Or Glory' vs. the video for *NSYNC's 'Bye Bye Bye'.