baltimore as ultimate college city

This might get modded and extended later, but remember my Iowa City post that basically proved it's like the U of I is a mutant high school?

Now, Baltimore - the place I kind of go to college - is like the ultimate college 'city', with a freakish eighteen colleges in the city or surrounding area.

That's not even including community colleges, which puts the number in the mid-20's. Compare that to Boston, which boasts 28 in a population of over 4 mil

It's quite a cool place to visit  go to school in because it's such a young city [not Compton young, but still, quite young.] The mixture of Wire-like reality and Calvert Hall fantasy [most stuff falls in between] make it hip, edgy, and not too expensive. And really young.

I recommend going to school there.. 

It's also home to the one of the cheapest independent college beers ever.