futbol, si

This is noteworthy because it's the latest in a pile of evidence that the U.S. might not be a pile of shit in the next World Cup, and wouldn't that be nice.

I actually love watching soccer football live, and it's a solid TV sport if you're doing something else [like blogging] because, at least with non-English speaking announcers, you can just look up when they get excited.

Anyway, the U.S. continued its bizarre ritual domination of Mexico with a 2-1 victory to win the Gold Cup. Here's the winner, a screamer from Ben Feilhaber.

Bonus vids:

[Landon Donovan getting sick wid it a few months ago, hitting just a straight chortler]

[Announcer Ray Hudson getting horrifying, I believe at the EPL finale]

[Pele with unnecessarily bad music]

[Loris Rufatti] 

Those are probably my three favorite futbol videos ever. I don't know very much.