the kid can hit

I would like to meet one of these gentlemen. The one on the left.

Junior Griffey returns to Seattle this weekend - to beat the fungo out of the M's, apparently [16-1 right now!] - and everyone's got something to say about it.

Jim Caple is, as usual, kind of a dick, but these were some of the many takes I thought worth reading.

Seth Kolloen, who just got himself a link - 'Enjoy The Enjoyment' is now everyday reading, along with the Bible, Koran and tanakh, kills it in the Pi. Nail on the head.

Dave at USSMariner didn't admire him, which made me pout a little. 

NGFT has a tangential thought about 'moments' that I found cool. 

Here's my take on what Junior remins me of: What baseball might have been. Griffey the Second never took steroids and, regardless of what anyone's faulty memory may say, played all-out and left it on the field, smiling off it in a way that the Albert Belles of the world couldn't on a 4-for-4-and-a-win day. He seemed like  a genuinely happy guy playing a game he loved, and then the Mariners had to go and build their gorgeous stadium, and then his body decided to impersonate the car in Tommy Boy for like five years.

I'd just like to say that I would put Griffey at his apex in my All-Time Lineup Outfield, which is a huge statement when you think about the apexes of guys like Ruth, Cobb, Bonds, Mays, Rickey Henderson, etc. But Griffey defined five-tool, and even as the comparatively slack-jawed preteen and early-teen fan I was, he was just a better player than everyone else. Wasn't close. Best player in the league for at least three years. Look up the OPS and the OPS+ if you don't believe me, but he also had ridiculous range as an outfielder.

And he never took the juice.

And he's partially responsible for the greatest stretch run I've ever seen.

Sniff. MLB should have free video of this, but no, God is dead and we're alone.

So, yeah, I guess it's okay for the Reds to mud-stomp us like this.

Pictures ganked from the bizarrely named 'Remembering Junior' slides at the Pi. [He didn't die...why didn't they just call it 'Griffey in Seattle'?]