on hiltons

I don't hate Paris Hilton. I hate her mom. How could you raise a child so ignorant?


Oh, wait... recycled from an old Gawker post:

Kathy's father is a mere housepainter; as a young climber, she had a tryst with a member of the Jackson 5 (oh, please let it be Tito) when she was 16; and, best of all, Kathy's mother (Paris' grandmother) wanted to make sure her daughter "had all the tools" to land herself a rich husband like Rick Hilton, so she enrolled Kathy in "sex lessons" that were taught by a man in a van in front of their house.

And this is why WWTDD helps me through all of my self-esteem issues. 

On a serious tip: What does it say about our current Bizarro-society that Paris Hilton is roughly about as famous as President Bush within the U.S. ... and nobody wants to be her? People who want to be like her got canceled. Could you imagine a worse life than Paris Hilton's? She's surrounded by equally vapid, useless people - or was - but still, that can't be enough. Last year, at my college's awards ceremony, the presenter made fun of her. 

One of the incredible things about our current celebreculture is that we know everything about everyone. And all we really know about Paris Hilton is that she's a string of negative adjectives. There's not a positive news article in existence about Paris Hilton. Nor should there be one about Kathy Hilton.

TIME, shockingly, had a great interview with the Ocean's Thirteen stars about how the mystique movie stars of old had is gone. Paris Hilton is anti-mystique. Reverse mystique. TMI personified.

If I was her, I might honestly consider suicide. She's rich and not horrifically ugly and famous - but most of the world thinks she's a bad person. 

Not that that's her fault. [looks at Grandma Hilton]