mutya buena > beyonce

I've only heard one Mutya Buena song, but it's this one:

and damn, is it ill. From the Lenny Kravitz sample [expect an extended rant at some point about how he's an excellent pop musician with zero lyrical skill] to the semi-breathy, super-enchanting chorus, this is one hell of a lot more empowering than 'Irreplaceable'.

Apparently, this lady used to be in Sugababes, who, if I recall, made some pretty awesome guilty pleasure music.

This seems like a good time to mention that I don't, to my knowledge, irrationally hate Yonce. I just think she's not very entertaining and gets by on her looks. There are plenty of people like that. So don't think that just because I'm going to compare lots and lots of female singers favorably to her in post titles means that I hate her guts. I say this because I was listening to a very-much-still-brilliant Writing On The Wall today.