if stack bundles dies, does it make a sound?

The entirety of what Googling 'stack bundles' reveals under the 'News' header*, from the Boston Herald:

An up-and-coming mix-tape rapper was gunned down early yesterday in the lobby of his home in what police believe is a possible robbery and his family thinks was a crime of jealousy.


     Stack Bundles, an associate of the rap group Dip Set, was shot in the head and neck at about 5 a.m. at the Redfern Housing Project in Far Rockaway, Queens, after a night out with friends. Police were investigating whether the shooter stole a chain from the victim.

     The 24-year-old rapper, whose real name was Rayquon Elliot, had worked with established artists including Fabolous, Lil Wayne, JadaKiss, and DJ Clue and was affiliated with Byrd Gang Records. He had been featured on Jim Jones’ third album, Hustler’s P.O.M.E.


The fact that he was a rapper doesn't make him any more important or worthwhile than this man but it's a damn shame that a talented young man died because he was a musician. I can't think of any other reason he'd get one in the head and one in the neck in his own home. I liked Stack alright when I heard him, and I'm sorry he's gone. But no one's really talking about the interesting repercussions of another rapper dying.

Tom Breihan has a bunch of vague generalizations to make, and Lupe Fiasco has a touching eulogy. Jim Jones has a great interview over at XXL. ['He was way more talented that I will ever be', Jones says. True.] 

But he's a mixtape rapper, affiliated with a reasonably powerful crew, getting murdered. What's that mean? It means the game is emulating the talk. Rap about death and it comes for rap. I don't have faith in people to not compare this to B.I.G. and 'Pac, but that would be retarded. Those guys were huge stars who died after partying. This death is shades of Big L, a greater talent than anyone involved in this post.

Breihan kinda makes sense in that big-ass post somewhere when he mentioned that Stack was tragically devoted to his hood, Far Rockaway. If Stack's living in King of Prussia, this doesn't happen. But he's part of a large subsection of rappers are walking the talk. The street DVD thing is out of control, and these dudes aren't signed. Outside of a few southern cities, they're not necessarily hustling enough to have security. Many are spinning that like it's a good thing. Too hard for security, too gully.


'Stop Snitchin'' isn't just a fashion statement, it's a way of life. It's made it to the white rapper show and that Jones interview ['Certain things you just can’t talk, there’s an unwritten rule.' ] This is motherfucking ridiculous, but I don't know how to change it - something tells me blogging isn't the key. So you've got a culture where the 'haters' referenced in every track are no longer imagined. They're real. And security isn't. So more bullshit like Stack's death is going to continue jumping off. More rappers are going to die this year. It's in the percentages. Rap is almost exclusively gangsta rap now, and scenes have scenes. Beef is intracity now. There's so much money and dreams being offered, someone's going to be on the outside looking in. And they might be holding a gun.

This isn't like Proof (R.I.P.) popping off in a bar and someone jumping bad. It's not B.I.G. getting capped in the middle of stardom. It's Stack Bundles, dying because he raps. I don't think there's any evidence to suggest otherwise. It doesn't seem that any of Stack's extracurriculars led to his death.

And that makes this a horrifying example of a young black culture in New Yawk and other metropoli that is damn near a recipe for unsolved murders, which will only increase a culture of fear and silence. If Jim Jones isn't gonna talk to the cops [like Busta and T.I. and 50], do you think brothers on the block are going to? Hip-hop culture and industry are becoming more synonymous with certain sections of each inner city's culture, and while that makes for some great art [and spares some sections]. As hip-hop culture becomes more bastardized and the industry more perverted, more bodies and less success stories are becoming the future for 'the ghetto' and for my favorite genre.

R.I.P., Stack. May we learn from your life and death. 

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*from any major 'hard news' source. Sorry. It's also the first thing that comes up.