don't wake me up

This is...a good week to be a Seattle sports fan.

Sonics still have the number two pick, and David Stern likes them again.

Seahawks secondary [and defense in general] look beastin', and the offense is healthy. Well, except Pork Chop Womack.

Lauren Jackson and the Storm are powering up.

Oh, and the Mariners think it's 1995. It's a fun team to watch for the first time since '01...not that I would know. No cable! Grrr...looking forward to getting to my home couch.


you know butcha actin' like you don't know.

What in the name of Ruppert Jones is going on? The M's have won four in a row by one run each. And 9 of 10. Some even against good teams [the Pads and Indians.] Part of me is making this post just so I can make sure it happened. Matter of fact, I'm going to list reasons the winning can continue.

  • The M's get straight suckas for the next week ['Stros and Cubbies].
  • Richie Sexson can't be this bad. He's slugging already. Raul Ibanez is back in the building.
  • Jeff Weaver might not suck and Ryan Feierabrand doesn't. 
  • Great bullpens and a few inning eaters will get us by with this O.

My favorite M right now? Jamie Burke. Peep this incredible interview found over at USS Mariner.

Quick tangent: is deaded for analysis because of the blog revolution. Bill Simmons fell off so hard, Jemele Hill is running Page 2. And I love it. You have to. The Mariners are a flagrantly awesome example of why it's a new day in terms of following your favorite franchise. Smart, uncensored, honest commentary is all over the place, and honestly, that's the only thing that will ever get me through a baseball season again. I'm spoiled now, and I'm beginning to understand the sport the way I understand basketball - a very good thing. So shouts and links to:

[USS Mariner] 

[Geoff Baker's Daily M's Blog]

[Lookout Landing] 

[Mariner Housewife] 

These guys and gals all agree that Felix Hernandez is incredible but just doesn't no shit about pitch selection yet, leaving his fastball up in the zone [he can't locate that as well as his nasty, narsty off-speed stuff]. So let's hope that comes around. I love catching the gamecasts/boxscores and then following along in USSM's game threads. It's good shit.

kenji keeps killin' em, we've got a shot.