the gag reel as revelatory narrative

I don't know why I love gag reels. Probably because I went through a distinct Jackie Chan phase.

I looked up the Firefly gag reel, posted below, after that last post, and it got me thinking about why seeing actors screw up and chortle makes me not only amused, but strangely secure.

It's probably because somewhere within the authentic slapstick of someone flubbing a line, there's a reverberating statement about life: You're going to screw up. Enjoy when you do.

My favorite parts are when someone screws up a line, cracks up, and then pulls up into 'serious mode', ready to act...only to collapse once again. Sometimes I feel that's what my life is like. I'm capable, but I'm not going to nail it every single time the first time. And that's side-splittingly funny or incredibly depressing, depending on how you look at it. Perhaps by choosing to laugh my ass off every time I see a group of people failing at their jobs and enjoying it (hey, that's how some people would look at it), I make myself a little saner.

A little less perfectionist.

Maybe even a little more tolerant.

Or maybe I'm reaching here. Ah whatever...'sfunny to me.