this is a good thing

Larry Hughes is out tonight.

Betcha a quarter the Cavs win.


UPDATE: Cavs win, Hughes started - imagine Willis Reed but super useless - so we both get to keep our two bits. However, I present you the box score, where the record will show your honor that Hughes scored 2 points and had 1 assist in 16 minutes.

LeBron had a manly 25-11ast-7reb effort, and drained 2 free throws to clinch the 91-87 win.

But look at Daniel Gibson, Hughes' replacement: The 21-year-old out of Texas mauled on the penetration tip, putting up a recockulous 12-12 from the stripe as part of a 21-point coming out party. He and LeBron are basically why they won - 3  offensive rebounds for the Cavs tonight.

[The Cavs aren't even my favorite team. Far from it. Just wait until one of my teams is in the playoffs.]