y'all zaggin know the steelo of that aggin beanie sigel

Rough thoughts on this, which I think is probably a bigger story than anyone's willing to make it.

  • You must respect QD3's hustle. He's moved so many units of Beef and probably really helped out the current 'Aim For The Head' philosophy of hip-hop. Beef IV looks like it's going to be piping hot, and controversy still sells with me and everybody else. Side note: The King of Beef got 400 mil richer today.
  • Homophobia is part of hip-hop until further notice. It's not so much up to the rappers to change as to the public to force them. If people stopped buying records with the word 'faggot' in them, rap would be a lot less homophobic; but I know quite a few gay guys who like Beanie Sigel, so I dunno. And here's the thing:
  • Beanie doesn't actually get his Jerry Falwell on so much as rail against femininity. "Louis Vuitton driving shoes? Who does that in the hood?" It's only the 'come all the way out the closet' comment that belies homophobia. So, really, it's not a horrible look for Beans because...
  • I and a lot of other people agree with him. This was the worst song/video in major rotation in the past year; Kanye stole his whole flow and some lyrics from Rhymefest; Pharrell only sounds good when he's failing Curtis Mayfield; and Beanie's right: they both dress like tools.  So while I disagree with the super-masculist angle Sigel takes, I'll forgive him because he's been out of action for so long.

I loved The B. Coming - maybe we'll get some of that Philly shit soon. And this track came out of nowhere yesterday at XXL.

Kanye's on Roc-A-Fella. Beans is down with the R-O-C as of two days ago. Huh.

Well, let's just hate on Pharrell and hope to god Beans releases another album before he does.