So, Iowa City. Blog City. Don't get me wrong, I love this bustling metropolis, love my internship, love living with my girlfriend.

But I'm definitely going to need an outlet to share my thoughts with the world. Huzzah, technology. I've been inspired by a lot of great music, sports, and politics blogs, so I'm going to mash that all up into what will hopefully be as fun to read as it is to write.

I'm Tyler, last name Adams, rap name Thursday Knight . I've been a journalist since I was 15, I'm 20 now, I go to Goucher College, live in Seattle, and I'm spending the summer in the IC. Home of the Hawkeyes. The 319.  

They sell those little drinks in the banner out here. 20 cents apiece. The midwest is aiight. 

This video's even better. Masta Ace blessing Marco Polo's track as Rawkus proves it might not be dead. Gotta love the 20-cent juices. [Of course, that's 25 cents in New York.]

Back with more every single day.