can't forget about you

No, not the Nas joint.

Chief in the surprisingly few ways my parents screwed me up is by making me a Seattle sports fan. Yankees fans can fuck off. This guy can fuck off. [Tho they can write.] I grew up with teams that offered just enough possibilities and flashes of brilliance that I became a diehard fan of THREE franchises that have been run mostly Bush-administration style [read: no regard for the peasant class] for most of my life.

 The team that was actually the best for the longest? The Sonics. They were fantastic and exciting and were one horrible playoff coach and the worst free-agent signing ever away from a championship or two.

And then Howard Schultz came, pretended to be one of those cool fan/owners, whined that Seattle fans didn't support his crappy team full of centers, and sold the team to a homophobe who's looking to move it. Great.

So I tried to forget about the Sonics. Should be easy when 1) I go to school 3500 miles away, and 2) they sucked last year. But I couldn't. I adore Chris Wilcox, miss Ray Allen, and think Rashard Lewis was only so good down the stretch because he was in a contract year.

I tried to get new teams - the Raptors, the Warriors, even tried to talk myself into the Blazers because of fellow Bulldog Brandon Roy for .5 seconds. But no. I'll care a little forever, even if they move.

And now,  I really care.


Well, I'm back. Locked in. Full time. I got to watch Shawn Kemp at his apex - a later post will detail why he was a better in-game dunker than anyone, ever - and now, barring disaster, the Sonics get a smart, skinnier Shawn to add to an already interesting team. KD, baby. Let me break it down. 

Sonics have the second pick in the draft. Sonics draft the super-intelligent and talented Maryland boy Kevin Durant. Sonics trade Rashard Lewis for Chauncey Billups and roll into the playoffs with Lenny Wilkens as head coach.

Thanks to Supersonicsoul for the image and dream fuel.