rip pimp c


It’s hard to illustrate how difficult it is to make a lasting impact in hip-hop. [I’m still trying.] In many ways, it’s easier to be a successful national act than a successful regional one. Chad “Pimp C” Butler was both, but he was more than that. A producer, a father, a community leader.

Loyal both to his hometown of Port Arthur and adopted hometown of Houston, Pimp C was about as revered a local hiphop figure as you could find anywhere in America. He’s better eulogized by many a writer [def. click that link] so I think the best way I could pay tribute to an underrated artist is by playing some of his music. Free downloads.

UGK – Pocket Full Of Stones

Pimp C – Cut It Out

UGK – One Day

Pimp's Funeral: 

[HoustonSoReal interview with Pimp C]