rejoice; mighty rasta is working again

So I was enjoying my early-stages-of-break stupor, hanging ten on the channels, when a Foot Locker ad for their 'House of Hoops' stores came on. 'HoH' is apparently a joint venture with Nike to, I don't know, make people overvalue sneakers more than they already do.

The point is, Mighty Rasta was in the ad, doing what he does best: yelling at me. Dressed up as the 'Chancellor of Basketball', I believe. The spot hasn't hit the FLVs or the HoH site yet. Way to go on the corporate synergy, guys.

Don't know who Mighty Rasta is? He's Terry Tate, fool!


Not ringing bells? Okay. Here's his imdb page, but all you need to know is that Rasta was the driving force behinf the best series of sneaker ads in history - a extended saga covering twenty minutes of Rasta playing Terry 'Terrible' Tate, the 'office linebacker' at Felcher and Sons, a company full of employees who didn't mind getting piledriven by the former Morgan State All-American.

The execution is flawless throughout, from the poor employees selling Rasta's spears to the self-enamored Tate rants to "Woo, baby! The Pain's comin'!"

Sure, you could YouTube around and find everything. Or ... here, just have 'em direct download style. Let's celebrate Mighty Rasta's return to the sneaker advertising world.

The Introduction

The History

Terry's Vacation

Draft Day