mutya buena needs to fire someone


Here's what Mutya Buena looks like.


She's real cute and almost seems like someone you could get with. Maybe like a hot, troubled barista from around the way. The side boob helps that perception. Plus, she picks samples real well! Check out this video for "Real Girl" I posted months ago.

Good single, and she's attractive, no? Unfortunately someone in charge doesn't think that her looking good is the key to success. Because in her new video for "B Boy Baby", a flip of the Ronettes' "Be My Baby" [with Amy Winehouse out of nowhere on the chorus], she looks, uh, uhm, bad.

Like intentionally bad. Drag queen bad. Someone is sabotaging Mutya Buena, and I hope it stops soon. Peep: 


The difference between man and women, #200: Wearing my hair 'up' or 'down' really doesn't make much of a difference in my or most other dudes' attractiveness.