is rich rodriguez worse than bobby petrino?

On the surface, Bobby Petrino's backstabbing of the Atlanta Falcons seems about as heinous a sports betrayal as possible. Petrino was in his first year as coach, and punked on a rebuilding project, returning to the college ranks after less than a year as coach. Rightfully, he's been skewered by all of Atlanta.


"The problem that we had, even a lot of the guys who didn't like him, we honestly started to buy into what he was selling," said Pro Bowl DE John Abraham. "We honestly started to believe that he would get us on the right track next year. Then he goes and does this?

"Good, I'm glad he's gone. Man, that's garbage."

Well, yeah, guys, that does suck. No doubt. However, does it compare to some good old-fashioned college betrayal?


Rich Rodriguez just ditched West Virginia for Michigan. He just signed a contract extension last year, and, being a West Virginia native and graduate, said he planned on finishing his coaching career there.


  • West Virginia fans > Michigan fans.
  • Uhhh...again, he's from West Virginia.
  • Had built program into a better one than Michigan.
  • And the important one: he leaves college kids who were sold on him as as a coach, his program, his team and philosophy. Not pros, guys who get paid handsomely who don't necessarily like their boss. Rodriguez had been there seven years.

Whose betrayal is worse: the man whose players are furious after, or the man whose players are distraught?

I'm a big WVU fan, and I hope the underclassmen stick it out and get to the BCS championship game they just missed this year.

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