kobe's not having a great night

[198] Women sports celebrities are usually antitheses of the bitchy woman stereotypes. Guys go the other way - for instance, I wouldn't be surprised if Kobe reads espn.com each night and is grumping around about this fantastic typo.


Two more points here: [1] ESPN.com has fallen off a cliff in the last six months. Other than the occasional great e-ticket, it's been straight Pat Forde. Deadspin and CBS Sportsline will get you by just fine, and NFL.com has become incredible this year. Boycott ESPN, at least in digital form.

And [2] The Jazz could win the West. That's a squad over there - they hung 70 on a dece Lakers squad in the first half without Carlos Boozer. AK47 appears to have slept with his free pass for the year or something. Hope he saved one for June.

[Kirilenko's Wife Lets Him Sleep With Other Women; Other Women Say, "Uh, Thanks, But No Thanks" @ Deadspin]