a corporate dilemma

I ride for Coca-Cola. It's the only pop really allowed in my home. Pepsi tastes like inferiority to me.

However, this is pretty damn cool. 

Amazon and Pepsi are planning to launch a yearlong promotion to give away 1 billion MP3s from Amazon's recently launched MP3 download store. The promotion will launch during the Super Bowl on Feb 3rd.

I really don't like the iTunes store and its DRM-riddled bullshit, and the Amazon store is really one of the better options out there. So maybe I'll see if there's a Pepsi product out there I can stand.

Either way, as long as Amazon gets some love for its super-simple, no-digital-rights-mess download system, I'll be quite happy. 

[Amazon and Pepsi plan to give away 1 billion DRM-free songs @ Download Squad]

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