so conflicted

I don't like iPods. Had one; broke right after the warranty expired. Got another; broke. Replacement? Broke. Me after all that? Very broke.

Turns out it was just fate saving me from a lifetime of disease. Or something. 

Apparently, iPods and iPhones are chock-full of toxins like cigarettes. The stuff used to make the earbuds is illegal in California. It gets worse from there.

Unfortunately, this is all coming from the mouf of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who is pretty much the Luca Brasi of pharmaceutical companies and is way more political than a celebridoc should be. [He and Michael Moore don't get along.]

I can only take solace in that he clearly hurt himself awhile ago [peep the cast in the video] and that he's probably right about the iPod and there's no weird Zune agenda behind it.


Hey, look how pretty Zunes are! Getting one for Christmas is my agenda.

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