the holmrus

I sincerely hope I'm regretting this post in January, maybe February, but I thought the Seahawks were gonna go 13-3. After 8 games? Blech. [4-4.]

Mike Holmgren, you are rapidly approaching 'dead to me' territory. 

I'll let the almost-impeccable Field Gulls tell it.

My fiancee brought home Caligula from work today.

No joke.

And yet I know I will see nothing more obscene today than this Hawks' loss.

The Hawks are a very talented team. You can survey this team from punter through fullback and find some of the best talent in football. They have a franchise quarterback, a franchise left tackle, the three best linebackers working in the 4-3 in the NFL, amazing depth on the defensive line and at wide receiver, plus the best special teams unit in the NFL.

Then why is this team mediocre?


That's a card I hesitate to play. It's cheap. It's also entirely true.

Guhhh. Seen this coming since the Last Worst Loss of my LifetimeTM. So happy I'm on the Second Coast and didn't have to grunt through the 'Hawks losing to the Browns in overtime.

Here's a Photoshop I had to do to soothe my soul. [click for HUGE]