sometimes you just gotta pull the trigger

This was intended to be tongue-in-cheek post about this, which is a website set up by this guy to find the 'girl of his dreams', a specific dreamgirl he saw on the subway. Complete with adorable handstyle drawing. Far as I know, completely not a gimmick.

However, things must take a turn for the serious. The world lost an acquaintance - a former acquaintance - of mine over the weekend when he killed himself. This is, well, the far-too-many-eth time someone I know has chosen to take their own life, and it never gets any easier. Even when you aren't particulalry close to the person, you dig up all the memories you had and even feel some remote guilt that you couldn't have done a little bit more and a little bit nicer.

So, R.I.P., Mychal, I hope you're in heaven, and I remember you having a twisted sense of humor, so I hope you enjoyed the title of the post. And Patrick and everybody else, sometimes you just gotta pull the trigger, whether it's your pride you have to swallow or your expectations you have adjust. Whatever reality you have to face, face it. It's what makes life worth living. And if you ever feel like it's too much to overcome, call a friend or a helpline. Because overcoming is what life's really all about.

Now, back to making fun of the Ravens and Beyonce. It's one of my overcoming mechanisms.

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