mya > beyonce

Mya's comeback album that won't be keeps getting pushed back, and her Lil Wayne + Storchavelli-aided single isn't getting pushed enough. Mya gravitates between real-world fine and looking like a goddess. Half-black, half-italian, all abs. I've liked every Mya single. Ever. Find a bad one. This ain't it. Looks like Scott Storch learned from that Vivian Green debacle.

Seriously, Universal, put her on and you won't regret it. 

Bonus timekiller: that video and these are from Gotuit's music section. Gotuit powers a ton of interweb stuff, like Def Jam and Shady's video sections. So the interface is awesome, albeit with a few ads. Browse through if only because there's a Comp appearance hiding somewhere. Happy hunting.

Screw, here's a few more:

That last one was the joint in high middle school. Watch again and check how Silkk the Shocker ganks Guru's poet flow.

Wee-Bey! Get me some cheesesteak? This should have been a Top Ten hit. Don't buy Beyonce's phone; buy Liberation. In 2008. When it comes out. See what I did there.