wait a second

Here's something weird. This superdramatic video for questionable second single "Like You'll Never See Me Again" stars Alicia Keys [well, naturally] and Common as her boyfriend.

They were both in Smokin' Aces.

Watch the video, and if you've seen the movie, you'll understand why it's weird. If you haven't, I recommend it. What? Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds aren't enough to sell you even on a Netflix queue spot? Well, fine. It's in tiny script under the video. I don't know how to spoiler yet...good thing I'm not running a movie blog

Copied from Wikipedia:

Heller/Sparazza has made a new deal with the FBI: Israel's heart for all of information he has on the Mafia. Messner doesn't care, as he is furious over Carruthers and the other deaths and believes that even if they saved Sparazza his info may not be valid. Locke threatens to fire him after an outburst but instead orders him to forget about the mission and leave. Messner agrees and Locke leaves the room. Messner stands for a moment before he tearfully walks into Israel and Sparazza's room, locks the door behind him, and takes a seat in between the beds. He proceeds to pull the plugs on their life support systems, and quietly lays down his gun, ammo and badge. Seconds later, Locke, the Swede and many of the agents are desperately trying to break in and stop him. Messner continues to sit in disbelief as Buddy Israel and Primo Sparazza die, taking all of the agency's hopes with them.

Don't hurt your eyes, now, copy/paste.