timekiller, part I: picking a team

I was browsing HockeyFights.com, and thinking of doing a timekiller on it. It's pretty incredible, this game within the game, and as a near-complete hockey novice, I was fascinated by the Laraque tape last year. From the prolific D.C. Sports Bog:

Coyotes toughguy Georges Laraque offered a friendly "good luck" to the Kings' Raitis Ivanans before the two began punching each other in the head. ...

I asked about the "Good Luck" thing. He said he's been asked that question frequently in the past few weeks.

"I always say that," he said. "It's the toughest job in the league, and I respect every fighter in the league, and I always wish them luck....There was no big deal. It was just because the mic was on, [fans] were like 'Oh my God!' but that's how I am. I don't get mad. It's not in my nature."

That whole post is incredible, and also what introduced me to HockeyFights.com. Definitely check that site out if only for the videos and the voting; the announcers of hockey fights are the best because they immediately become boxing announcers, basically.

"And here's what we've been waiting to see!"


Well, I've got a new timekiller: picking a NHL team to root for. I don't know the game yet, but I'm going to learn, and keep checking in; watching when I can, studying Youtube videos, reading blogs, figuring out favorite players. My live hockey experience consists of a few Thunderbirds games back home and an incredible Flyers-Capitals preseason game a few years back. 

I did this with the World Cup last year, and if the US hadn't shat all over the walls, I probably would have the yearbook memorized.

Oh, and before anyone goes there, this has plenty to do with the fact that the Sonics are steadily sucking towards the Midwest.

The early favorites: The Washington Capitals or Vancouver Canucks, because it's the closest I can get to some 'hometown' connection; the Boston Bruins, because for some reason ['Happy Gilmore'?] I've always liked [and own] their jersey; and the Pittsburgh Penguins, because Laraque plays for them now, watching the back of the real-life Youngblood, Sidney Crosby.

Teams eliminated from jump because I hate strongly dislike their cities or their city's fans, my potential brethren: New Jersey [no way], Philadelphia, both New York teams, Columbus [residual Ohio State dislike], St. Louis, Colorado [oh hell no], Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Dallas.

I hear Apple is coming out with one of these soon. 

Okay, down to 19. Teams whose logos are inexcusable - hey, these are my criteria, and I want to rock a hat without shame:



Sweet Jesus, that looks like a drunk tattoo on an Icelandic man. Not that I would know.



Looks like a slug. I understand I'm not the first person to note this.



Sorry, beautiful, close-to-home city, but that is not how to incorporate regional heritage into a logo.



Fear the mixing bowl.



I swear to god this coyote looks like it's getting railed coyote-style. Somehow, this is much better than their first logo.

Plus Minnesota, Florida, Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Ottawa [Senators? Really?].

Next time: paring down the top 9. I need some sleep.