there's so many people to blame.


To quote Ghostface, I put a lot of money up, I'm hatin'.

Weezy F Baby may have turned himself into a top-20 MC, but he is ugly as sin. People who should immediately be fired:

  • His stylists and wardrobe consultants. There's not nearly enough chain going on here.
  • XXL's photographer. I'm not expecting you turn shit into gold; I'm expecting you to at least pull the fitted down over the turd's forehead. Something.
  • XXL's photoshop people. Jesus, way to overdo it. Now he looks like one of those crazy retouched pageant kids [note: link not safe for minds].
  • His tattooist.

This shit is just embarrassing. I thought R&B singers were ugly. I think I might be sterile after looking at this picture. Seriously, you could GIS 'lil wayne ugly' and come up with way more attractive shit than this. Step your game up, XXL.

You know, women love Lil' Wayne. Friggin' Julia Roberts did Lyle Lovett. But there is no way [196] that any magazine would ever put, say, a straight-up grill shot of, say, Kirsten Dunst on its cover. Men and women alike would avoid that shit. Can't we put this sexist standard on dudes? Doesn't the camera have to back up a little bit when you're this ugly?

It's one of three covers and the other two are worlds better. 

[Cover courtesy the never-duplicated Nah Right