maybe it's maybelline/i see ya surface purchased

[197] Rare is the guy who can live his public life looking like someone he's not. Women do this a lot. I can't be arsed to shave everyday, much less get on my Marilyn Monroe and put on my face. Say word.


Honestly, she looks nice on the left anyway.  That said, if there can be this drastic a change in the '50's, somebody needs to get at Lil Wayne's mug

I was reading a short story today that involved a makeup scene and it was pretty obvious the male author didn't have the first clue about it, which he readily admitted one hollered at. Is it deceiving to put makeup on? Uh hell yes. But women [198] got that pressure to conform, and most of them feel it.  Ladies, real men love Marilyn on the left and on the right.

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