gina rene > beyonce

So I was muttering in this last post about how I love Soulstice, and a lot of that has to do with Gina Rene[ree-neigh, I believe]'s voice. After doing the research for this post, I have a huge crush on her. Hopefully, she gets a solo project out sometime soon; her Myspace seems to evidence a decent fanbase.

She's got pipes, restraint, and an awfully sultry next level that was all over Illusions, which you should buy or trade for because it's guaranteed to improve your sex life.

Soulstice were on Om Records, one of my favorite indies, based in SF, just poutring out really cool chill electronica, for the most part. This cut isn't off Illusions but Om Lounge 2.

Soulstice - "Where Were You?"

Good, right? And she's real pretty.

photo taken from Gina Rene's MySpace 

Here's her solo joint off the Step Up soundtrack, which would be worth picking up in a dollar bin.

Gina Rene - "U Must Be"

[Gina Rene @ Myspace]

[Gina - Rarely updated site that does launch a song]