bite-sized review: lipps, inc.'s pucker up

This is where you know Lipps Inc. from.

Pucker Up is their panned 1980 second album [after Mouth to Mouth, which had "Funkytown" on it] and I quite like it. It ain't the best funk album, but it's real smooth, on some Alexander O'Neal type stuff.

Steve and Cynthia, a former Miss Minnesota.

Allmusic isn't feeling it, saying it's boring. I think it's chill but interesting. The layering isn't incredibly dense, but there's enough going on in Steven Greenberg's head and Cynthia Johnson's voice to work in a club and on a couch - the rarest of albums. Bizarrely, it reminds me of Soulstice's Illusions[nobody ever said Allmusic guided my tastes], one of my favorite albums ever, rewound several years.

The best track is a cover of Ace's "How Long" that gets real minimalist with the bass and settles into a nice humping funk; this would be fantastic album to sample because all 6 [!] songs   

If you see this in a used bin, pick it up. I mostly did because of the awesome cover. 

ill, no? [click for a huge image]