"i can't do that. i can't say fuckin'...what these niggas be sayin'?"

I'm real late to this, but this Joe Budden video makes me depressed and hopeful and confused and sympathetic and probably a few more adjectives.

Basically dude is turning into the rap Chris Webber. Phenomenally talented, but, as one of the fruitflies said in XXL's comment section, maybe he just doesn't want it like that. I hope he recovers, puts out Mood Muzik 3, and hits the damn lottery.

It needs to be said that he's one of the ten most gifted metaphor lyricists ever and has released two of the best 20 or so mixtapes ever. Ones that hold up, I might add. Download at bottom of post. I'm a big Joe stan - the intensely fucked up promotion and arrangement for his 2003 [!] s/t debut is what turned me against Def Jam for good.


If you're new to the sitch and don't know the timeline, Def Jam has stalled out Joe's second project forever-ever and in the meantime he's made two great mixtapes. Again, bottom of the page. From a 2005 interview with J.Period:

"N---as at Def Jam is pushing n---as off the diving board," Budden said on Wednesday about his initial release date of July 18. He wants to push it back to August 23.

"[Memphis] Bleek just came out, they rushed him, and look what happened," Joey Jumpoff continued. "Young Gunz just came out, they rushed them, and look what happened. You are not rushing my sh--. I got all the time in the world. I ain't gonna spend all this time making classic records for y'all to rush out to make a quick buck. F--- y'all n---as! Make sure everything is right and that's when I'll come out. They're gonna beef with me about saying all this sh--, but I don't give a f---. August 23, The Growth. F--- July 18 and f--- what they gotta say about it up there."

Joe also isn't all that ecstatic about the choice for the album's first single...

"I did my Swizz [Beatz] record," Budden said about the song "Ain't Nothin," which can be found on mixtapes. "The Swizz record was nuts, everybody at the label loves the record. Then Scott Storch gave me a record, 'cause me and him have a great relationship. Then I did my Timbaland record ['What Y'all Doing Tonight'], that came out nuts.  ... The record is out and it's doing great. But the Timbaland record is easily better than both of those records, by far. The Timbaland record is a problem. It's a club record, party record. I swore up and down that it would come first."

Fuuuuuuck. Would like to hear those. Anyway. 

It's interesting that in this day and age more artists aren't doing video confession type business without being forced to by SMACK and the like. I appreciate Joe doing it because as always he comes off as really intelligent, and after Djing tonight and hearing what white kids request in terms of hiphop, I needed some reassurance about my favorite genre. He and David Banner should host a nightly news show.

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