the difference between guys and girls: #192-194

Halle Berry's pregnant by a cute skinny white guy, and now, in the early stages...uh...


Here's the thing about guys. [192] If we could get pregnant and our cocks grew anywhere near this much, the world would be in anarchy from overpopulation. 3000% increase in the first five years of male sexuality. Good thing women are sensible and don't tie self-worth to cup size.

[193] Some women gain weight and have it actually go to their curves. If guys put on weight, our joints actually look smaller. It's the horror of being a guy; [194] we tie so much to our phalluses that people are still buying these instead of these.

This will probably be the only physiological rather than psychological difference ever in this series.  

Oh, and in case you thought it was the angle or's not.


Dayum. Halle is rapidly approaching MILFdom.

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