just as sweet as can be

Wrote this on 9/28, publishing it here because the MP3's are now up.

So, I'm in Oberlin this weekend. Yaaaaaay.

Miss Thang and I are ecstatically conversating on the way back to her single [!] and Kelis' "Sugar Honey Iced Tea Baby" comes on [maybe my favorite Kelis song, and I'm a pretty big Kelis stan].

After a minute, she pauses, then says derisively:

"What is it with Kelis and beverages?"

I just about died. My girlfriend isn't into the constant listening, but sometimes she's very brilliant. Of course, sometimes she misremembers lyrics to hilarious effect, which I'm sure will be mentioned in the future.

The reference about beverages comes from the insanely catchy 'Milkshake':

And here's the song I like, "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" [which Miss Thang used to call "Sugar Sugar Sugar Iced Tea"]:

And here's a picture of Kelis sitting on a milkshake.