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The greatest radio show of all time is Loveline.

No argument. Hear for yourself. Chock-full of stuff like this:

Talking to a pregnant teenaged girl who had a rough childhood, and is afraid of telling her parents that she's pregnant:

ADAM: The good news is, is, everything's been so chaotic in your life, so this is not gonna be a big surprise.
DREW: Yeah. The parents that are dealing with a fourteen-year-old that has been down this path are kind of expecting a pregnancy, I would say. It's a part of the deal.
ADAM: Yeah. I think they'd almost be disappointed [otherwise]. I mean seriously, I know this sounds like retarded logic, but seriously: if you were like a straight-A student, and captain of the cheerleading--
CALLER: I am! I am a straight-A student.
ADAM: All right; if you were like a straight-A+ student.
CALLER: Most of the time, yes. Sometimes I get B's or D's, but mostly a lot of A's.
DREW: All right. Well, B's and D's does not qualify as straight A's. Okay?
ADAM: Maybe she meant "heterosexual who got an A once in P.E." 


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