i was going to bed, too.

Fuck this noise.


The Worldwide Leader shouldn't be running this, AP shouldn't be taking photos of it, the good people of Cleveland should have the good goddamn sense not to do it, and oh yeah, the mascot should be changed. I don't think 'Indian' is particularly hurtful, nowhere near 'Redskin', an out-and-out slur, but the shameful, racist depiction of Chief Wahoo, the grinning, red face of the franchise for six decades, should be discontinued. Period. The fact that people are basically dressing in blackface [redface?] to support their hometown team is repulsive.

And I know I shouldn't be up on no soapbox, but if that image doesn't turn your stomach, with the red skin and painted-on teeth, I don't know what to tell you. Read more?

I hope they win the World Series and then rip down every depiction of Chief Wahoo in  Jacobs Field in the celebration.