improving foreigner

I dunno, Foreigner just doesn't do it for me. It's the voice. I'm not mad at the instrumentation - the piano's lovely - but I just can't get down with the warbling in "Cold as Ice". Here's the video:

My boy $am $keen, on the other hand, has this track as his ringtone. I know, right? Why not the Cupid Shuffle while you're at it?

Anyway, $am has progressed like crazy as a producer and I'm awful proud of him, especially if he keeps flipping bands I don't even like into awesomeness like the instrumental for "Cold as Ice", which I had to bang out over.

This is a horrifically unmixed mono recording from my laptop, but there will probably be a studio version available soon enough. Es fuego. 

And no, I didn't do some stupid song for the frigid beezys/extended metaphor about how cold an MC I am. It's a story, getcha mind correct. I wonder if I can submit this for class.

[mp3 removed because there's a better one on the way]