cleveland actually does rock, kinda

So, Miss Thang and I went on into Cleveland yesterday eve, a Sunday, to enjoy a nice date and then go see The Donnas, which the following post will definitely be about.

As we went out from the sticks into the city of magic, we noticed lots of outbound traffic. Hmm. Why so stacked on a Sunday afternoon?

Oh. The Browns game.

Gloriously, the hometown Brownies had smashed my second-hometown Ravens 27-13. And, well, the party was on.

We miraculously found a parking spot and then traipsed around the downtown area, swinging by the Cuyahoga, looking at the local transit, and people-watching tons of Browns fans. I'm a lifelong Seahawks fan, but i've only been to about 5 regular-season games. And we have a great - if not always super-knowledgeable - fanbase. But walking around downtown, and later eating at our 'romantic' restaurant [the food was good, the music not] I can safely say: Cleveland fans are awesome.

Look at this little tyke! 


Yeah, basically everyone felt and acted like that kid on a few uppers.

Other observations about the masses and the city in general:

  • What made me really come to the conclusion of "Football Town"? More women wearing jerseys than I have ever seen anywhere in my whole life. Half of all women; 2/3rds of those in Browns gear. [They like Braylon Edwards.] Women usually tag along in the Northwest. Here they seemed just as geeked as everyone else.
  • Gotta go back to the music thing. Miss Thang and I went restaurant hopping briefly, looking for a dessert she could actually eat. Every place, including the Blue Point that we started off at, was playing effing Top 40 music on the stereo. This was a place that CleveScene had told us was a "yes" on the romantic question. Um, no. Much as I love Rihanna, she does not set the mood for me and Miss Thang murmuring sweet nothings to each other over flourless imitation cake. One place was playing Yellowcard on the outside patio speakers. Seriously. Seriously. I'm going to pretend it was a Sunday-only thing.
  • I really love Major League, and I'm rooting for the Indians Tribe in the playoffs. The Cuyahoga definitely made me think of the opening to the movie.
  • A plaque told us that the city was established by a Moses Cleaveland [who never came back to the area], and a misspelling got us to where we are today. I found that amusing.
  • The Plain Dealer is trash. They must operate off a simple scroll system for inputting team names, because that Browns win deserved several pages of coverage and set the city into a tizzy, yet in the game recap, about 36 point font, it read that the Browns had beat the Raiders. Yeesh.

They did run this picture, though. Heh. Gonna be a fun year for me in Baltimore. Trent Dilfer starts against them next week!


pictures via ViewImages and The Plain Dealer