i.e., tyler is the first personal blog of Tyler Adams, started in 2006.

Tyler hails from Seattle, Washington and lives in Portland, Oregon.  He graduated from Garfield High School, followed by Goucher College, and worked as the Director of Community at Newsvine. He is eternally trying to figure out ways to make the internet and world a good place. He is a fiction writer, musician, sketcher, and budding ethicist, all of which become self-evident at times in his posts on this blog.

The main categories on this blog have always been life, sports, and music, but there's no mission statement regarding content. i.e., tyler does not profess to be a safe space and may contain triggering language and/or images, though it will not post any images that would get you fired for viewing at a corporate job.

Tyler tends to forget how much he enjoys blogging and is always trying to update more often. If you have a question, request, or tip for Tyler, you can contact him [anonymously, if you wish] through the contact page.

Tyler is a bit uncomfortable writing in the third person.

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