the thing i remember most about stuart scott

My strongest Stuart Scott memory is of a highlight I only saw once, and barring great leaps in ESPN library search technology, will only ever see once:

It's the summer of 1998. Ken Griffey Jr. is having a monster year. He might even be continuing a four-game homering streak into July, but that could be my memory embellishing.

What I'm sure of is...

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today in facebook cowardice

I've been drafting a post on how I use Facebook for a while now. One thing I do a lot: Unfollow people. I want to continue thinking all my friends are smart. [They are all smart, and I don't want to deceive myself.]

A couple people caught the unfollow button today for sharing the below image, from Stanley Roberts, one of those dudes who shoots "look at these jackasses" segments for local TV - in his case, a MyNetworkTV station in San Francisco. I doubt Roberts made the image.

Isn't that just awful? I was curious - I'm always curious - so I looked it up. That image is from LA after the Lakers won an NBA title in 2009.

Stanley Roberts and his ilk never seem to shake their heads as much about post because we're more comfortable seeing property destruction/theft in the name of civic pride and drunken stupidity than in the name of rage and pain. 

Never mind all the evidence that the game is rigged and Ferguson, St. Louis, and Missouri police have conspired to create a really looting-friendly environment. Never mind that Trymaine Lee reported protesters preventing looting in August:

We've set up a terrible system - where it's always incumbent upon the oppressed community to "say they care" in an acceptable way after and during state-sponsored abuse. ['State-sponsored abuse' isn't my term, it's the New York Times'.] That's a trap. Candlelight vigils don't get attention. Riots do, and looting is a byproduct of riots, and I'm tempted to drop that one MLK quote here.

America loves itself some riots and looting, when the right folks are doing it. Tut-tutting the minority of looters when there's a huge majority of nonviolent, non-looting protesters is a derail. A cheap, smug way to duck out of looking in the mirror.

None of the people who I saw share Roberts' photo had posted about Ferguson before.

how i use twitter

My twitter bio has read this for a long time:

writes a lot. Hip-hop historian. Celebratory gunfire advocate. Recommendation engine. #noteam but a few franchises. I speak for myself here, not NBCUniversal.

All of that is true - well, the celebratory gunfire part was mostly an inside joke - but I've been thinking I could do better for some time. Here's how I use Twitter, broken down into general rules, followed by exceptions.

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there are a lot of rules to stay alive

Keep your hands visible when you approach any stranger at night. 

Speak softly. 

Take your hood off.

Make sure your phone stays charged. 

The family of Renisha McBride, 19, said she went for help after a car accident around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. She  died of a gunshot wound to the head after knocking on the door of a home on the 16000 block of Outer Drive near Warren in Dearborn Heights, near where the accident occurred. Her cellphone battery had died, her family said. 
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