i work for city paper now

But that's not really an excuse for never updating this sometimes-lovely thing. In fact, since I'm wroking as an Editorial Intern there, I really should be busting my ass to write constantly. Like, 10K a day. No joke. I really should be killing on the writing tip, and I'm not. I did, however, work on a few essays today. You can read one in the next post.


This is going to be cool and satisfying and really fucking hectic. So yeah; maybe we'll look back on this post and laugh at the lack of follow-up.

kitman is just off the effin' chain

Disclaimer: Chris 'Kitman' Matsui is my boy. Like many of the people I truly care about, I rarely see him, and have no idea where he is.

But, regardless of my bias, the fool can blend. 


What makes the two below mixes so good is not just an ability to beatmatch - displayed on 'Inside Out' - or great digging ear - showcased on 'strange but wonderful' - but Kitman's almost compositional ability to set a mood and shift it, extort it, distort it, and return you to the same mood.

He's like a painter. I'm absolutely tripping off 'strange but wonderful'. If I had to make a musical reference, I'd say Kitman sounds like a next-gen O-Dub. One hell of a party mixer, this kid made a mixtape in 2003 that I lost and still check my room specifically for, even though I know it's not there, because it was that fucking good. 

If you're asking yourself, 'Should I download one? The other? Both?"

Uhh...both. Don't know how long they're gonna be up.

[Kitman - Inside Out] 

[Kitman - strange but wonderful]

[Kitman's MySpace] 

the philadelphia phillies are awful sensitive

Brett Myers is officially kind of a dick - the alleged domestic abuser and ace relief pitcher for the Phillies set up his fellow reliever - with the help of the kindly coach, GM, and some local media - to think he'd been traded to the Yomiuri Giants. Of Japan.

You can watch the video here, it's funny. 

But that's not what caught my eye. Seven seconds in ...


The Phillies have braille on their office doors? Huh. As the son of a great blind man, that's actually pretty cool, even if I have my doubts as to how many blind folks are strolling through the Phils' facilities.

Too bad they'd probably try to trick any blind passersby into thinking they were in the jungle by making monkey noises and hurriedly bringing office plants over. Ooh, you tricky Phillies!

['Brett Myers is Full of Trickery' @ Deadspin] 

a rare interlude of worthwhileness

Would it kill ESPN to put out a DVD with all the Arthur Ashe Courage Award recipients' films and speeches on it? It's like the one thing the network does right.

This is my favorite, and it just hit youtube. If it goes down I'll upload it. Keifer Sutherland narrates the story of Jim Maclaren and Emmanuel Yeboah.

[Challenged Athletes Foundation website] 

[MacLaren Speaker bio]

[ESPYs summary]