songsmith: the beginning of the end[?]

I just posted about this on the quote board, but let me just say that Microsoft Songsmith may well make a ton of money. Ground floor, what.

The concept: start singing a song, and a midi-ish preset detects your key and backs you up. In an age of Guitar Hero and Rock Band and the kid from Rookie of the Year cranking out tracks on his MySpace [I know, right?], it seems like catnip for 'people who sing in the shower', the one thing the ad gets right. I'm a little scared this is going to open the floodgates for people to publish lots of music that should have stayed behind the shower curtain. That said, the program looks better than something this simple has any right to be.

The YouTube videos are not rating too well over at SongsmithVideos' page. They shouldn't be. But with a decent marketing push, I could see this going everywhere.

Lowest common denominator of music production just smells like profit. [People like Garageband. Those types of people will buy this.]

The 'Learn More' page has some meat on it - these folks worked with Garritan and Plogue! - and so I'm thinking it's more than a cool 'no skills required' program - it could actually encourage people to sound good [by moving on to another program, probably.]

At the very least, I'm going to download it to dink around with how well it detects key. The tech for that is pretty cool.

[I'll also try to sing off-key and break it.]

30 delicious magnets

I don't go in for too much news here, but damn. Some 8 year-old, Haley Lents [mild PSNA, I know, gross] ate 20 steel balls and 10 magnets out of a toy. Because they looked delicious.

Uh, what?

Haley Lents told Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez Monday she ingested the ten magnets and 20 steel balls because they "looked like candy."

Haley's father, Jason Lents, told CBS News he "really" doesn't understand how Haley could have consumed the parts, because she "gets A's and B's, and we taught her not to do stuff like this." 

From CBS News, who must have been jumping up and down when Poppa Lents - now some sort of no-small-parts crusader - called them first. Let me just say that Haley better not have any taste buds. Or maybe candy isn't allowed in the Lents household. This story deserves further investigation.  Haley's X-ray after the jump.


Charlie Brown-level 'Augh!' The best quote in the article is from the toymaker, though.

"In general, if a child swallows 30 pieces of any toy, it is likely that it will result in harm regardless of the toy in question."

They should have put a :rolleyes: after that.

[CBS News: Girl Swallows 30 Magnets, Steel Balls]

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the official worst album cover ever


Nineteen fifty-six, baby.

A few things to note as you stare at this for the next few minutes:

  • Homegirl's nose.
  • The twine wrapped around the candy apple and
  • The inevitable adult holding it.
  • How crazy the front of homeboy's shirt is.
  • The fact that this album was actually sold to parents who, presumably, played it for their kids, who whooped with glee and then passionately chomped at hanging candy apples.