UCU was and is off the homemade necklace

Urban Craft Uprising - run if you're in Seattle! - was stupid fun yesterday and had me convinced that the DIY crowd can survive the recession.

Cool logo, too.

It was pleasantly packed, and it's too bad I forgot my camera, but there honestly was too much to look at as it was. Buttercup got a ridiculously dope hat from Trouble. clothing [can't find a link] and I almost broke my nothing-but-necessities rule for some of the illness at Rivkasmom.

I did need a wallet, however, since I'm past trifold status now. There were lots of options but I ended up with an all-recycled one from Mugwump, whose proprietor, Suzanne Keolker, hustled up from Portland to offer bags made out of books and board games, among other stuff.

Sounders colors, almost.

Also the colors of etsyRAIN, a loose collective of Seattle crafters who use Etsy, which sponsored the event along with everyone cool ever.

So yeah, if you're reading this and are in the area, SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY get the eff out and go. 11 to 5. I woke up to let the world know.



[Urban Craft Uprising]

i work for rushmore drive now

Yay. Its not a full-time job, but it'll help pay some bills, and I have some awesome company over there. My journalism career kinda jumped bad in college, but I really like writing opinion columns. I'm pretty opinionated.

It's a little cheap to call RD the Black Google, but the heart of the site is searches directed at African-American users. I'll be half-cross-posting what I publish over there, i.e., giving you the first paragraph here at PH and then linking you to the rest at RD.

While you're there, check out the rest of my colleagues. It's a squad - I'm blessed to work next to them. Keli Goff! *swoon*

I'm definitely getting my own place soon.

And no, I don't know why it's called RushmoreDrive. No clue.



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i work for city paper now

But that's not really an excuse for never updating this sometimes-lovely thing. In fact, since I'm wroking as an Editorial Intern there, I really should be busting my ass to write constantly. Like, 10K a day. No joke. I really should be killing on the writing tip, and I'm not. I did, however, work on a few essays today. You can read one in the next post.


This is going to be cool and satisfying and really fucking hectic. So yeah; maybe we'll look back on this post and laugh at the lack of follow-up.

i miss home.

City Market is

"an all-purpose urban convenience store in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle."

It's a pretty cool place, and lately they've taken to posting stuff like this outside their store.


Yay Seattle. Spelling errors aside.

There's a whole blog some Cap Hill resident has started collecting these. It's cute. 

*Sigh* I miss home.

[found through Seattlest, now on the sidebar]