your new favorite show: the word salad

Four and sometimes more of my favorite homegirls from college are doing a radio show/podcast that is what all college radio shows should be: an insightful inside-joke fest where everyone gets to talk and you might even learn something, interrupted at intelligent intervals by music either anthemic or really, really indie.

The Word Salad website

I heard one episode and volunteered to do their theme song [entrance music?] [intro composition?] and so here it is:

Word Salad Theme [mp3]

Word Salad Theme [wav]

Ableton Live, yee! No, it's not actually three minutes long...they should turn it down by 2:10. If you can identify all the samples, uh, get outside more.

The basic track is Ms. Led's 'Stigma', which is the best grrl-rock review song I've ever heard, I do believe. I love everything about Ms. Led - 'specially the name.

My favorite sample - that's not 'it's ridiculous' - is the Barbara Jordan drop towards the end. Get familiar.

I think of them as a more feminist Goodness, who I should write an open letter to at some point.

Oh, and I know I've been off the blog grizzle forever - I got a job or two, so my bad. I really love updating PH, and I need to get the little hater to the side and just do it like Nike.

There should be way more me on this site, because I'm a few weeks away from a studio.

MURS is better than your favorite rapper, admit it

I mean, unless your favorite rapper is me. Those are the only really acceptable choices at this point.

Crazy awesome video playlist of all the videos in MURS' career. Familiarize. He introduces all videos in that intensely personable MURS way. It's cute. I like "Bad Man!" and "Better Than The Best" a lot. Note: The first video's "Risky Business", and it's a tad NSFW [Helloooo, Olivia O'Lovely].

I might be essentially vlogging for the next little bit because my dear great-grandma is in the process of passing. Expect a not-so-sappy post about that.

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kitman is just off the effin' chain

Disclaimer: Chris 'Kitman' Matsui is my boy. Like many of the people I truly care about, I rarely see him, and have no idea where he is.

But, regardless of my bias, the fool can blend. 


What makes the two below mixes so good is not just an ability to beatmatch - displayed on 'Inside Out' - or great digging ear - showcased on 'strange but wonderful' - but Kitman's almost compositional ability to set a mood and shift it, extort it, distort it, and return you to the same mood.

He's like a painter. I'm absolutely tripping off 'strange but wonderful'. If I had to make a musical reference, I'd say Kitman sounds like a next-gen O-Dub. One hell of a party mixer, this kid made a mixtape in 2003 that I lost and still check my room specifically for, even though I know it's not there, because it was that fucking good. 

If you're asking yourself, 'Should I download one? The other? Both?"

Uhh...both. Don't know how long they're gonna be up.

[Kitman - Inside Out] 

[Kitman - strange but wonderful]

[Kitman's MySpace]