two great tastes that view great together

Fantasy football, meet documentary. Excellent. Also, this is how I discovered SnagFilms.

'10 Yards', by Hunter Weeks and Josh Campbell. My draft's on the 2nd. I'm geeked, and this is helping.

Weirdly, this is interspersed with hair product ads. I think SF missed their target demo.

This is an excellent indie doc - Weeks and Campbell manage to get solid interviews with the dudes who actually invented it, active and retired NFL players, and the editing is solid. The film manages to be funny while still pointing out the explosion of fantasy and being mad informative.

The best part? A Southern all-female tackle football league where everyone plays fantasy. That's representative of the diversity Weeks and Campbell are going for - traveling all over the country during football season. A little too much Diary Cam, but things keep moving enough that even as someone who already knows the topic, I was never bored. If you're not into it, probably all the more reason to watch.


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timekiller: ill doctrine

Ill Doctrine deserves a shout because it's the only vlog, ever, that my mom and I both like.

Jay Smooth is the illest hiphop commentarian working - respect to Bakari Kitwana - and I wish he would update more. Right now you can probably only waste about four hours going through the archives.

Here's one of his latest. Who's editing these things down? They need a check.

[Ill Doctrine]

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MURS is better than your favorite rapper, admit it

I mean, unless your favorite rapper is me. Those are the only really acceptable choices at this point.

Crazy awesome video playlist of all the videos in MURS' career. Familiarize. He introduces all videos in that intensely personable MURS way. It's cute. I like "Bad Man!" and "Better Than The Best" a lot. Note: The first video's "Risky Business", and it's a tad NSFW [Helloooo, Olivia O'Lovely].

I might be essentially vlogging for the next little bit because my dear great-grandma is in the process of passing. Expect a not-so-sappy post about that.

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so, i graduated.

Hoo-rah, as they say.

It was really cool - not just to graduate, but to attend a college that really let me do what I wanted to do. It was a great experience - and I sure hope it helps me get a job. [I'm not on that grad school tip quite yet.]

But hey. What's up with this blog? Kids have been blowing by me on this tip. But hey, the last few months of my college career were exhausting. Truly. But I'm juiced already, back in Seattle, and ready to update. A lot. And write in fragmented sentences, apparently.

Big, or at least medium things coming soon.

Mixtape. Me and my homeskillets Agee and Y. Bates completed a DEEP mixtape these past two semesters. The download site will be hosted here at PH.

More updates. Waaaay more updates.

Site redesign. I saw Death Cab For Cutie's new album cover and was like, Naaaah. At the very least, that banner's gotta go.

i like this song against my will, chapter 55


Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park - We Made It. Yeah. 

There's something about Busta and triumphant. I actually really like the chorus. Now, I could do without that Shinoda verse, but yeah, I like the song.

Sad. There's no reason this should work as well as it does. Please Busta renaissance? The dude is always a little under the radar in terms of how entertaining he's been throughout. Remember this? 


Yeah, that's not coming back, but it'd be nice if he could get his grizzled 'dungeon dragon' on for the next few.