tullycraft listens to the jags

I can never find this 'Evening Standard' album in record stores: 

Someone in wonderful Seattle twee-pop band Tullycraft surely has: 


I have listened to these off and on all day after my father called me to excitedly report he'd heard someone ripoff The Jags on KEXP. I enjoyed poking around the playlist until I found the right track.  Someday I'm going to find 'Evening Standard' - 'Back of my Hand' was one of my favorite songs when I was 13, and I have no idea how. I know why  - the song is straight hairbrush rock, a more refined The Knack - but I don't know how I got a hold of it. Not sure I still own it.

That would make the hunt for the record even more desperate. 

Stream/buy Tullycraft's new album, Lost In Light Rotation,  here.