sfs: wear clean draws for bianca and my future daughter

It's presumptuous to think I'll have a kid. [I'm terrified of pregnancy.] But I couldn't think of a better way to put it in the headline.

Whatever you think of The Coup's occasionally uneven discography, it's hard to deny that Boots can write and Pam can lay tracks. When they're both on point it's magical. I think I was still in middle school when I heard 'Fat Cats, Bigga Fish' at a friend's place [with the Baloo sample!] and lost my mind. This is my favorite, though:

The Coup - Wear Clean Draws

Bianca's a NYC girl, as she'll gladly tell you. She's funny as hell but will step to you in a second, and she did a really good job of bridging the gap between real talk and academic speech in school. I have girl friends that I think of as older sisters and twins, but few younger sisters. Bianca's one of them. I'm really proud of her.

I jumped into a conversation about the word princess on Facebook and mentioned 'Wear Clean Draws'.

Tell your teacher I said princesses are evil/How they got all they money was they killed people

Posting this immediately puts gets me onto two topics: how women are gonna run the country in a few generations, but not the world, and how I hope there are more lady rappers in those generations. I'll leave that second one for a Rah Digga post I feel coming on. She's indie now.

So, about my hypothetical daughter and future generations; I don't think Boots' 'girls are strong' message is going to be lacking by the time they get to middle school. The women over men college gap is now 14% and rising; there's a hell of a lot more Biancas than mes. And I think that no matter how much regressive Twilight garbage gets the headlines, strong women role models will proliferate offscreen and the number of women entrepreneurs will bounce from the current low level. There are just too many smart independent ladies for this song to be as relevant as it once was, and that makes me really happy.

The rest of the world, though? This song's going to be really resonant for centuries to come. Hopefully less.

Honestly one of the least controversial The Coup images.

your new favorite show: the word salad

Four and sometimes more of my favorite homegirls from college are doing a radio show/podcast that is what all college radio shows should be: an insightful inside-joke fest where everyone gets to talk and you might even learn something, interrupted at intelligent intervals by music either anthemic or really, really indie.

The Word Salad website

I heard one episode and volunteered to do their theme song [entrance music?] [intro composition?] and so here it is:

Word Salad Theme [mp3]

Word Salad Theme [wav]

Ableton Live, yee! No, it's not actually three minutes long...they should turn it down by 2:10. If you can identify all the samples, uh, get outside more.

The basic track is Ms. Led's 'Stigma', which is the best grrl-rock review song I've ever heard, I do believe. I love everything about Ms. Led - 'specially the name.

My favorite sample - that's not 'it's ridiculous' - is the Barbara Jordan drop towards the end. Get familiar.

I think of them as a more feminist Goodness, who I should write an open letter to at some point.

Oh, and I know I've been off the blog grizzle forever - I got a job or two, so my bad. I really love updating PH, and I need to get the little hater to the side and just do it like Nike.

There should be way more me on this site, because I'm a few weeks away from a studio.

you should have downloaded songbird, like, yesterday

Six months ago, I was flipping out watching the demo video for Songbird, which could dead iTunes as the premier music player. Now, it's in beta, and though it's quite buggy, it hints at being everything I hoped it could be.

It's made, unsurprisngly, by Mozilla, developed by these cats Pioneers of the Inevitable, which is a badass name for a band, let alone a development team.


Nice office.

Both a browser and a player, Songbird will allow you to cop all the mp3s on mp3 blogs, whether like mine, or, say, Soul Sides. That's the major pull for me, but it's also a slick player in and of itself and offers syncing with multiple mp3 devices.

The other big appeal, is since this is Mozilla: Add-ons are being developed already. The revolution's here. I'm excited.

And this is just in developer mode. Zero point Five. I can't wait to see the final version. It runs fine on my beat-up Latitude with XP Pro, but has crashed on some friends' comps, so I'd say d/l, try it out, and keep an eye on it.

If you're annoyed by iTunes - which I think is a good player but fuck that store - check this out and, if you're on Windows, Foobar2000, which is really tinkerable and functional. 


kitman is just off the effin' chain

Disclaimer: Chris 'Kitman' Matsui is my boy. Like many of the people I truly care about, I rarely see him, and have no idea where he is.

But, regardless of my bias, the fool can blend. 


What makes the two below mixes so good is not just an ability to beatmatch - displayed on 'Inside Out' - or great digging ear - showcased on 'strange but wonderful' - but Kitman's almost compositional ability to set a mood and shift it, extort it, distort it, and return you to the same mood.

He's like a painter. I'm absolutely tripping off 'strange but wonderful'. If I had to make a musical reference, I'd say Kitman sounds like a next-gen O-Dub. One hell of a party mixer, this kid made a mixtape in 2003 that I lost and still check my room specifically for, even though I know it's not there, because it was that fucking good. 

If you're asking yourself, 'Should I download one? The other? Both?"

Uhh...both. Don't know how long they're gonna be up.

[Kitman - Inside Out] 

[Kitman - strange but wonderful]

[Kitman's MySpace]