your new favorite show: the word salad

Four and sometimes more of my favorite homegirls from college are doing a radio show/podcast that is what all college radio shows should be: an insightful inside-joke fest where everyone gets to talk and you might even learn something, interrupted at intelligent intervals by music either anthemic or really, really indie.

The Word Salad website

I heard one episode and volunteered to do their theme song [entrance music?] [intro composition?] and so here it is:

Word Salad Theme [mp3]

Word Salad Theme [wav]

Ableton Live, yee! No, it's not actually three minutes long...they should turn it down by 2:10. If you can identify all the samples, uh, get outside more.

The basic track is Ms. Led's 'Stigma', which is the best grrl-rock review song I've ever heard, I do believe. I love everything about Ms. Led - 'specially the name.

My favorite sample - that's not 'it's ridiculous' - is the Barbara Jordan drop towards the end. Get familiar.

I think of them as a more feminist Goodness, who I should write an open letter to at some point.

Oh, and I know I've been off the blog grizzle forever - I got a job or two, so my bad. I really love updating PH, and I need to get the little hater to the side and just do it like Nike.

There should be way more me on this site, because I'm a few weeks away from a studio.

two great tastes that view great together

Fantasy football, meet documentary. Excellent. Also, this is how I discovered SnagFilms.

'10 Yards', by Hunter Weeks and Josh Campbell. My draft's on the 2nd. I'm geeked, and this is helping.

Weirdly, this is interspersed with hair product ads. I think SF missed their target demo.

This is an excellent indie doc - Weeks and Campbell manage to get solid interviews with the dudes who actually invented it, active and retired NFL players, and the editing is solid. The film manages to be funny while still pointing out the explosion of fantasy and being mad informative.

The best part? A Southern all-female tackle football league where everyone plays fantasy. That's representative of the diversity Weeks and Campbell are going for - traveling all over the country during football season. A little too much Diary Cam, but things keep moving enough that even as someone who already knows the topic, I was never bored. If you're not into it, probably all the more reason to watch.


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so, i graduated.

Hoo-rah, as they say.

It was really cool - not just to graduate, but to attend a college that really let me do what I wanted to do. It was a great experience - and I sure hope it helps me get a job. [I'm not on that grad school tip quite yet.]

But hey. What's up with this blog? Kids have been blowing by me on this tip. But hey, the last few months of my college career were exhausting. Truly. But I'm juiced already, back in Seattle, and ready to update. A lot. And write in fragmented sentences, apparently.

Big, or at least medium things coming soon.

Mixtape. Me and my homeskillets Agee and Y. Bates completed a DEEP mixtape these past two semesters. The download site will be hosted here at PH.

More updates. Waaaay more updates.

Site redesign. I saw Death Cab For Cutie's new album cover and was like, Naaaah. At the very least, that banner's gotta go.

IFC's framed: further proof it is the greatest and best network ever

I've been waiting for someone to put IFC's "Framed" online for months. Thank you, HmarekHDen1412.

"Framed" is a friggin' brilliant marketing campaign from Reebok, who since the Jay-Z breakthrough, have really been just as good as Nike at giving you money chills in their sports advertising dept. 

Here's Thierry Henry as shot by Paz Vega.


[Part 2]

And here's Paz Vega. I Googled her for you. 


"Framed"'s concept: Take a cool athlete - Baron Davis, Thierry Henry, Jelena Jankovic - match them up with an actor - Paz Vega, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Regina King - and have the actor shoot the athlete in a short film. IFC picked it up and it fits nicely within the network's ideology of showing you cool behind the scenes stuff.

The Baron and Vince ones are hilarious - B-Diddy's rollerskating and VY gets clowned by a six-year-old for not reading blitz packages. It's a shame they're not [fully] online yet, but maybe this'll make you order IFC, really the best network on television.

Preview clips are here

[OVGuide search for 'ifc framed']