how stress management can change your relationship with work

I read a bunch of books and then wrote up some (scientific!) ways to manage stress at work on TINYpulse's blog. I think it's a fun read, especially the bit about the healthiest way to talk to yourself.

Stress is a part of life, so naturally, it’s part of our work lives. The causes of stress - stressors - are all around us. We can’t eliminate all stressors from our careers or our workplaces, but building a stress management skill set can be the difference between burnout and job satisfaction.
Learning how to manage stress is critical, because stressing about stress can take years off your life. A study of thirty thousand Americans showed that the respondents who believed stress was impacting their health had increased risk of premature death.


Stress management strategies are mostly about cultivating resilience. Building stress management skills doesn’t mean you’ll live a stress-free existence; it means you’ll have some reliable methods to counter the stress we all have to contend with. Here are some specific techniques that have been proven to reduce stress.
— me

pro wrestling is a series of addendums and postscripts

The thing I like most about pro wrestling - and there are so many things I like about it - is that it's all history.

Every match, every promotion, everything is very aware of what has come before, and the reverence and irreverence of histories is what makes pro wrestling the weird addictive ouroboros that drags grown women and men to the same place - literally and emotionally - as six-year-olds.

I had the most wrestling-ass week of my life as January became February:

  • Hosted a Royal Rumble party - the fourth annual, the first time at a place I actually pay rent. I think I'm doing this forever now.
  • Recorded an episode of And Leslie about pro wrestling, mostly centering on Wrestle Kingdom 12
  • Presented the slide deck embedded below to a living room of like 15 people at this wonderful friend-hosted monthly event - kind of a salon, where people share stuff they're passionate about/well-versed in. (The presentation before mine was about centuries upon centuries of Japanese civil war. It was awesome and academic. I framed mine as a bit of a departure.)

And frankly, it wasn't enough - I regret that I didn't cap that seven days off by going to DEFY X at Washington Hall, which is my happy place.

A Pro Graps Reading List That Hopefully Won't Overwhelm You: